Do you want to take your hygiene to a higher level? Then the Aii® Anal Douche is perfect for you! With this anal shower you can easily and thoroughly clean your intimate zones, so that all adventures get off to a good start. The enema is made of high-quality materials and is also very easy to use thanks to its efficient design, making cleaning extremely easy.

Enjoy optimal hygiene

This anal shower is your secret weapon for a fresh start to every adventure! The anal douche helps to completely clean the anus. This means you are well prepared for any adventure, whether it is anal sex or the use of anal toys. Using this anal douche will make the game a lot more comfortable and confident.

This shower is effortless to use, easy to clean and offers a gentle, yet effective solution for a carefree start to any erotic play. All you have to do is fill the shower with water, insert the nozzle and squeeze the ball. Repeat this a few times for an extra clean feeling.

Anal Douch & More!

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Ensures Better Cleanliness


Diameter11 cm
Total height16.5 cm
Width7.1 cm
Volume160 ml
EAN Code8719327593363