Are you ready for a realistic solo adventure? With this masturbator you enjoy such a realistic experience that you hardly notice the difference. With this masturbator you can make your wildest dreams come true by having the best sex and even getting a blowjob! The design is very attractive with juicy lips, realistic labia and nice tight openings.

The Feeling of a Real Vagina in Your Masturbator

The masturbator is a special sleeve that you can penetrate with your penis and has specially designed nodules and ridges inside that mimic a real vagina and provide ultimate pleasure. This allows you to experience the most delicious orgasms in this pussy with the most realistic feeling of penetration and anal sex! The mouth also has 3D surfaces with a nice tongue, teeth and a narrower opening to the throat.

Can Also Be Used Hands-Free

Of course, the masturbator can also be used hands-free. Secure the masturbator to the right height and enjoy satisfying anal sex or experience her unusually tight vagina! Also the mouth is very nice to use hands free. This allows you to enjoy an incredibly nice blowjob, just on your own!

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Intense Pleasure